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Five mega-hit TV dramas in August
all5Pictures, published in2017-09-01 18:54:19
August marks a golden opportunity for the TV drama market as Chinese students enjoy their summer holiday, having more time to involve themselves in the TV plot, and closely follow their favorite superstars.

In this month, a variety of TV drama materials emerge on the small screen, including romance story, historical play, costume drama and urban drama, all targeted at different groups of TV viewers.

Now, lets' take a look at five most-watched TV dramas. If you have time, do not miss them!
Single diagram to describe: 1. Nothing Gold Can Stay Nothing Gold Can Stay is a 2017 Chinese television series directed by Ding Hei and starring Sun Li and Chen Xiao. The drama tells a positive story of a woman called Zhou Ying who transforms from an innocent girl into a powerful and successful business woman. The female role is played by Chinese TV drama queen Sun Li. Following the great success of Empresses in the Palace, The Legend of Miyue, she again challenges the role of a legendary woman. The series is airing on Dragon TV and Jiangsu TV starting August 30, 2017.
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