Guangzhou Public wi-fi spots to require real-name registration
 updatetime:2017-09-30 21:54:00   Views:0 Source:China Plus

It's reported that users of public wi-fi spots in Guangzhou will have to register with their real names to use the service, reports Guangzhou-based New Express.

Internet providers will also have to keep logs of all internet users in order to help solve cyber security cases.


Tablets, smartphones and wi-fi. [Photo: VCG]

The explosion of free, public wi-fi spots across China has been an enormous boon for working professionals, with many free access hotspots available at restaurants, hotels, airports, and cafes.

But such open access systems can bring risks as don't require authentication, and personal information such as passwords and banking details can be compromised. Hackers will be able to access smartphones or computers easily. In some cases free wi-fi providers have been found to be the hackers.

In one recent case reported by the People's Daily, a man in Nanjing was hacked while using a free wi-fi spot and his bank card was used 69 times, losing more than 60,000 yuan (9,000 US dollars).

Guangzhou police are pushing real-name registration, while monitoring free wi-fi providers to make sure they install the required cyber security devices.

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