China’s roads are becoming increasingly high tech
 updatetime:2018-08-10 19:16:24   Views:0 Source:China Plus

China's booming tech industry is making life easier for many of the country's motorists.

Xinhua News Agency reports that drones are being used to spot traffic violations in Changzhou, a city in Jiangsu Province. 


A drone is photographed ahead of a police vehicle. [File Photo: Weibo/Changzhou Traffic Police]

Starting in June, drones equipped with high definition cameras have been keeping an eagle eye on motorists on the city's highways. Video of illegal behavior can be recorded and used in police investigations. And police officers can use loudspeakers on the drones to direct traffic remotely in case of an emergency or traffic jam.

In cities including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, and Hangzhou, special sonar cameras have been set up to identify cars using their horns illegally on the city streets. 


Sonar cameras made their debut in urban Beijing on April 19, 2018, to crack down on illegal car horn use. [Photo:]

In a similar move, police in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province are trialing cameras that detect the improper use of high beam lights, which can be dangerous because they dazzle oncoming drivers.

And in Shenzhen, a "smart road" is being developed that will incorporate everything from free Wi-Fi to traffic monitoring managed by Artificial Intelligence.

The Global Times reported that the road will include traffic lights that adjust the timing of signals based on the traffic flow, smart roadside information signs, and motion-detecting street lamps. Lampposts in parts of the road with heavy pedestrian traffic will have Wi-Fi hotspots installed, and are capable of being used as base stations for the coming rollout of 5G technology.

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