Get to know China-Africa collaboration: peace and security
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The cooperation between China and Africa has been promoted step by step, especially since the 10 major China-Africa cooperation programs were proposed by Chinese President in 2015 during the Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC). The following short videos will acquaint you with China-Africa Collaboration in the areas of Industrialization, Agricultural Modernization, Infrastructure, Finance, Green Development, Trade and Investment Facilitation, Poverty Alleviation, Public Health, People-to-people Exchanges as well as Peace and Security.

For 15 years, under the framework of the United Nations, soldiers from China have been striving to maintain peace in the continent for the benefit of African people. They have repeatedly awarded by the United Nations, also won praise on the ground. Peace and security cooperation between China and Africa is not merely in the field of peacekeeping. China has been helping Africa to enhance its ability to maintain order, and has advocated the international community join hands in helping Africa achieve a long-lasting peace.

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