First large buoy working ship launches in China
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China's first large buoy working ship "Xiangyanghong 22" launched on Saturday at a port beside the Yangtze River in Wuhan, Hubei Province, as part of the efforts to improve the level of oceanographic observation in the country, reports the Xinhua News Agency.


A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the launch of "Xiangyanghong 22" in Wuhan, Hubei Province, September 29.[Photo:]

The "Xiangyanghong 22", which was built by China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), will make a breakthrough in several aspects in oceanographic observation, such as deploying, recycling and repairing large buoys and subsurface buoys. Prior to that, the jobs involved with the buoys were undertaken by other boats with no professional equipment, and the efficiency was very low.

Chen Zhi, official from the Ministry of Natural Resources Department, said the "Xiangyanghong 22" can continue to work for 60 days and voyage ten thousands sea miles with a highest speed of 16 knots. It is the only large buoy working ship up to 3,000 tons in China, with the strongest buoy working capabilities across the world.

It will also broaden the scope of oceanographic observation area in China.

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