Chinese, North Korean basketball players blend for Friendship, Unity
 updatetime:2018-10-12 20:07:50   Views:0 Source:China Plus

A basketball game between two mixed teams of players from China and North Korea came to a 130-130 draw in Pyongyang this week.

Two teams of 12 made up of 6 players from each country competed with team names Friendship and Unity. Three Chinese coaches headed by national team coach Li Nan led team Friendship while team Unity were guided by 3 North Korean coaches.

The teams and spectators were treated to a Taekwondo show from North Korean performers during half-time. 

A Chinese sports delegation is on a 5-day visit to North Korea. Basketball Association president and former NBA player Yao Ming led both China's men's and women's team during the visit.

The female blended teams of Friendship and Unity played on Tuesday. Unity came on top 107-106.

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