Fortune 500 companies at CIIE and their China stories
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More than 2,800 companies from over 130 countries and regions, including over 200 businesses on the Fortune Global 500 list and industry leaders, have confirmed participation in the enterprise exhibition of the China International Import Expo, to be held in Shanghai from Nov 5-10. Let's take a look at some of them, and get to know their connections to China.

Consumer Electronics & Appliances

Company: Intel

Country: United States

After its entrance in China in 1985, Intel has established 16 branches in the Chinese mainland and owns more than 6,000 local employees. With direct investment of nearly $4.5 billion, China has become a regional market with the largest investment and most comprehensive branch settings of Intel outside the U.S..

Company: Samsung

Country: South Korea

Over the past 26 years, Samsung has established a one-stop industrial chain in China, including R&D, designing, purchase, sales, and after sales. The company has accelerated its expansion in semiconductors, LCD panels, and batteries for new energy vehicles in China.

Company: Sony

Country: Japan

Sony established its full subsidiary, Sony (China) Co Ltd in October 1996 in Beijing. The subsidiary later became an important profit contributor to the Sony Group. Sony has built five large factories in China, and set up R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi, Dalian and Shenzhen.

Apparel, Accessories & Consumer Goods

Company: L'Oreal

Country: France

As one of the first batch of French enterprises that entered the Chinese market since reform and opening-up, L'Oreal has been running business in China for 21 years, making the country the second largest market in the group globally. It has launched 22 brands in China and will continue to promote new products, the group said. Chinese consumers have been major contributors to high-end brands sales for the L'Oreal group such as YSL and Lancome, a company performance report said.

Company: Unilever

Country: UK/The Netherlands

Unilever invested more than $1 billion in China and introduced more than 100 patented technologies. Headquartered in Shanghai, Unilever China also established its China R&D center in the city. Unilever China hired over 6,000 Chinese employees and provided more than 20,000 job opportunities indirectly, the company said.

Company: Lego


Lego opened its second flagship store in Shanghai in September 2018 and will open another in Beijing, according to Huang Guoqiang, general manager of Lego China. The company will open more authorized stores to let more children and Lego lovers have access to its products. Online cooperation with Chinese e-commerce giants such as and Tmall will boost sales as well.


Company: Jaguar Land Rover

Country: UK

Jaguar Land Rover will exhibit its first electric SUV I-PACE at this year's CIIE, and showcase reform in automation, interconnection, electrification and sharing, said Pan Qing, president of Jaguar Land Rover China. "China is our top priority in new product R&D and infrastructure construction," Pan said.

Company: BMW

Country: Germany

BMW has launched six new energy vehicle models in China. Sales of BMW NEVs increased five-fold in the first nine months of the year, with sales of two China-made models exceeding 10,000 units.

Company: Bosch

Country: Germany

Bosch, a global supplier of technology and services, announced the company achieved a strong increase in sales, close to 24 percent in China last year, with improved profitability and sales totaling 113.4 billion yuan ($16.4 billion). "China remains the company's largest single market outside of Germany. It continues to be a success story for Bosch, contributing over 60 percent to the company's sales in the Asia-Pacific region," said Peter Tyroller, member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH responsible for the Asia-Pacific.

High-end Intelligent Equipment

Company: Nokia

Country: Finland

"I consider China one of the creators of new technology in the world, and attending the expo is a great way to learn more about China. I warmly recommand that to all Finnish companies and all European companies," said Risto Siilasmaa, board chairman at Nokia.

Company: Honeywell

Country: United States

"China remains Honeywell's largest market outside the United States," said Shen Bin, president of Honeywell China. The operation revenue of Honeywell in China jumped six times from 2004 to 2017. The company located its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Shanghai, and has built 26 plants in the country with more than 2,600 R&D employees. Local innovation, R&D and production contributed to 30 percent of Honeywell's revenue in China.

Company: Siemens

Country: Germany

China has become one of the largest R&D centers for Siemens around the globe, as the company has 21 innovation centers and 4,500 employees in the country. Siemens built the first digital intelligent production line for Chinese beverage brand Wahaha; and shortened quality control inspection time by 25 percent for dairy producer Mengniu. It also improved labor productivity of shoemaker Double Star three times over through customized production.

Food & Agricultural Products

Company: Danone

Country: France

Danone's sales revenue increased more than 30 percent in Q4 2017 in China, indicating a demand rebound in the Chinese market, according to Emmanuel Faber, board chairman and CEO of Danone. The company plans to introduce more milk powder, high-end mineral water, medical nutrition and organic food to Chinese consumers through the CIIE.

Company: Nestle

Country: Switzerland

Founded in 1866, Nestle was part of the first batch of multinationals confirming attendance at CIIE with a hundred products. Nestle capsule coffee is earning double-digit growth in China, outperforming the single-digit growth of the whole Chinese market according to company executives.

Company: Dole

Country: United States

Dole entered the Chinese market in 1998, with headquarters located in Shanghai. It established modern processing and distribution centers in cities such as Harbin, Shenyang, Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Xiamen and Dongguan for fruits and vegetables. It also owns vegetable and fruit planting bases in China.

Medical Equipment & Health Care Products

Company: Philips

Country: The Netherland

Philips was part of the first batch of multinationals entering the Chinese market since reform and opening-up. It is the first time Philips has displayed its localized innovation achievements in China after its strategic transformation in 2016.

Company: Bayer

Country: Germany

Bayer Greater China (the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan) is the largest single market for Bayer in Asia. The company runs multiple plants in China with 9,781 employees by the end of January 2018.

Company: Johnson & Johnson

Country: United States

Johnson & Johnson entered the Chinese market in 1985 and has more than 6,000 employees in branches in 30 cities. The company was also the official partner of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Certain products and medical devices will be showed for the first time at CIIE.

Trade in Services

Company: FedEx Express

Country: United States

Founded in 1973, FedEx Express entered the Chinese market in 1984 and started its international express delivery service. The company launched its domestic service in China in 2007 and now owns 86 branches with around 9,500 employees and 2,700 delivery vehicles and flies more than 250 flights in China each week.

Company: HSBC

Country: UK

HSBC never ceased serving the Chinese mainland market over the past 150 years, especially since reform and opening-up 40 years ago. The company also built a strategic partnership with the Bank of Communications and provides financial support to Chinese companies running business abroad.

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