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Guangxi to spend 110b yuan on transportation infrastructure
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Guangxi will invest a recording-breaking 110 billion yuan ($16 billion) into transportation infrastructure in 2019, announced the Department of Transport of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Feb 16.

A large portion of the budget – 94 billion yuan – will be used for road construction. Work on eight expressways with a total length of 550 kilometers will begin this year, while three expressways totaling 187 kilometers will be renovated. Construction on the Leye-Baise and Chongzuo-Shuikou expressways are expected to be completed in 2019.

Costing 10 billion yuan, Guangxi will begin construction on the Nanning-Yulin Intercity Railway and advance construction on the Guiyang-Nanning, Nanning-Chongzuo, and Fangchenggang-Dongxing railways as well. Preliminary work on the Nanning-Guilin-Hengyang, Nanning-Hepu, and Hechi-Liuzhou-Hezhou high-speed railways will be expedited.

The region also plans to spend 6 billion yuan on water transport. Expansion of the east shipping lane of Qinzhou Port will move toward its second phase. Construction on the No 3 and 4 berths at Wuzhou Port's Dalikou Operation Zone will be completed this year, while the 2,000-ton shipping lane from Laibin to Guiping will begin construction.

Investment in air transport is estimated at 1 billion yuan for 2019. Priorities include the construction of Yulin Fumian Airport, and Nanning Wuxu International Airport's ground traffic center (GTC), as well as the expansion of Beihai Fucheng Airport's apron.

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