China-Vietnam wildlife workshop wraps in Shenzhen
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A China-Vietnam customs workshop aimed at combating the trafficking of endangered species has come to a close in Shenzhen.


Photo of participants at a China-Vietnam customs workshop discussing the trafficking of endangered species, Shenzhen, May 12, 2019. [Photo: IFAW]

More than 50 customs officials from the Chinese and Vietnamese sides took part in the 3 day session.

Supported by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), the workshop has been held to bolster enforcement cooperation and coordination between Chinese and Vietnamese government while disrupting across-regional trafficking of products and parts of endangered species.

It is the second workshop to be held between the two sides after the first one co-organized by China Customs and IFAW in September 2018.

As part of the workshop, officials from both sides have acknowledged that since Chinese authorities began a major crackdown on the importing of illegal wildlife products, wildlife crime syndicates are more frequently choosing to smuggle wildlife parts and products via the vast border regions between China and neighboring countries

Vietnam has been a hotspot for wildlife trafficking. Vietnam Customs has made multiple large seizures in recent years, including the confiscation of over 9 tones of ivory in March, 2019.

A report from the Hong Kong Wildlife Trade Working Group released earlier this year has noted that over the last decade, the diversity of endangered species imported into Hong Kong has increased by 57%, while the estimated value of the trade has increased by 1,600%.

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