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Night at Nanning Museum event proves popular
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The night view of Nanning Museum. [Photo/nanningmuseum.com]

To highlight the 2019 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, the "Night at Nanning Museum" event kicked off on June 8, attracting nearly 1,000 visitors.

Since 2006, China has been celebrating Cultural Heritage Day on the second Saturday of June. In 2017, it was renamed Cultural and Natural Heritage Day.

The activity was the only large-scale event of the year that Nanning Museum held at night. The event started at 19:10, with the audience not only experiencing the different charms of ancient and modern games by playing Tohu, tangram, and bamboo dance, but also enjoying the beautiful night view from the museum.

The heritage-shaped biscuits and the custom-made green bean cake at the buffet reception drew great attention from the audience and won the affection of children. "The Wonderful Night Show" began at 20:00, featuring recitations of local nursery rhymes, an ethnic group clothing show, dancing, and instrumental music performances.

The venue also carried out a series of activities, including guqin concerts, tea art performances, art experience activities, engraving experiences, folk song classes, and pottery workshops.


Wonderful show of the night tour activity in Nanning Museum. [Photo/gx.chinanews.com]


Children make pottery at Nanning Museum. [Photo/gx.chinanews.com]

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