Compulsory garbage sorting now underway in Shanghai
 updatetime:2019-07-01 19:18:04   Views:0 Source:China Plus

With Municipal Domestic Waste Management Regulations now in effect, Shanghai has become the first city in China to implement compulsory garbage sorting.

Local residents are taking measures to ensure their garbage sorting meets new requirements, reports the Paper.


Instructors help citizens in Shanghai sort household garbage using the appropriate bins, July 1, 2019. [Photo:]

The report adds that while citizens are enthusiastic in participating, it obviously takes time for the effort to be up to standards.

The new rules require residents to sort trash into four categories – food waste, recyclable materials, non-recyclable waste, and hazardous waste – and drop them into designated bins at set collection times. Those who fail to sort garbage face fines of up to 200 yuan (about 29 U.S. dollars), while companies and institutions face penalties of up to 50,000 yuan (about 7,300 U.S. dollars).

To help people learn to sort waste according to the appropriate bins, local governments and residential committees have recruited special instructors and volunteers.

The Paper report found that some citizens are requesting more flexible collection timetables, as well as sinks near the bins for washing hands.

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