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Nanning opens express trains to HK, Beijing
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Guangxi Railway will carry out a major adjustment to its train services starting from July 10, introducing the first bullet train from Nanning to Hong Kong, as well as express trains from Nanning to Beijing, greatly reducing the running time of trains from Nanning to Guangzhou and Kunming.

After the adjustment, Nanning will add 12 passenger trains, increasing the total number of passenger trains to 608, of which 504 of them are electric multiple units (EMUs) trains, accounting for 83 percent of the total number of trains.


A high-speed bullet train of Guangxi speeds by on the Nanning-Guangzhou railway line. [Photo by Tang Ye/gx.people.cn]

About 230 trains per day travel between Guangdong province and Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, and the operation of the G417/8 high-speed EMU train from Nanning to Hong Kong will serve as a window for Guangxi's external image. The running time of trains from Beihai, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region to Beijing will be reduced by more than two hours. Direct trains from Nanning to Guangzhou, Guangdong province will only take two hours and 45 minutes. The fastest trains from Nanning to Kunming, Yunnan province only take three and a half hours.

In addition, trains starting from Nanning Station and Guilin Station will be reduced, and trains starting from Nanning East Station and Guilin North Station will be increased to create conditions for the overall increase in the number of trains.


High-speed bullet trains get ready to leave Nanning for Hong Kong. [Photo by Tang Ye/gx.people.cn]

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