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Guangxi launches roots-seeking tour for overseas Chinese youth
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The launching ceremony for the 2019 China Roots-seeking Tour Guangxi Summer Camp is held in Nanning on July 1. [Photo by Chen Qiuxia/chinanews.com]

The launching ceremony of the 2019 China Roots-seeking Tour Guangxi Summer Camp was held in Nanning on July 1, attracting a total of 852 overseas Chinese teenagers eager to get in touch with their roots in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

Sponsored by the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and hosted by the Guangxi Overseas Chinese Federation, the roots-seeking summer camp project in Guangxi has 17 phases. The first summer camp from Australia has opened an 11-day journey at Guangxi Overseas Chinese School.

The school has carried out various activities for campers to learn Chinese culture, Chinese martial arts, sugar painting, and other subjects and skills, as well as enjoy the beautiful scenery in Guilin, Sanjiang, and other places.

"The China Roots-seeking Tour has established a great platform for friendly exchanges between China and Australia," said Shen Tianhua, leader of the summer camp and principal of Future Art School in Melbourne, Australia. "I hope that students can learn more about Chinese traditional culture and share their experience with friends and family when they back home."

Tan Bin, chairman of the Guangxi Overseas Chinese Federation, said at the launching ceremony that the rich ethnic culture and colorful customs of Guangxi will help campers further deepen their feelings and friendship with Guangxi.

The China Roots-seeking Tour aims to enhance the understanding of overseas Chinese youths about their country of origin, as well as their interest in learning Chinese and Chinese culture.


Guangxi Overseas Chinese School and Australia Future Art School exchange gifts at the launching ceremony. [Photo by Chen Qiuxia/chinanews.com]


The members of the summer camp pose for a group picture. [Photo by Chen Qiuxia/chinanews.com]

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