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China-ASEAN Expo Culture Exhibition 2019 opens in Nanning
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The China-ASEAN Expo Culture Exhibition 2019 and the CAEXPO Cartoon & Animation Game Exhibition is held in Nanning on July 5. [Photo/gx.chinanews.com]

The China-ASEAN Expo Culture Exhibition 2019 and the CAEXPO Cartoon & Animation Game Exhibition took place in Nanning on July 5, providing an annual cartoon culture feast for visitors, as well as a cultural exchange and cooperation platform for China and ASEAN countries.

The Culture Exhibition focused on the display of characteristic cultural characteristics of China and ASEAN countries, as well as their tourism culture. It featured creative cultural products and periodical publications. The Cartoon & Animation Game Exhibition showed service outsourcing, development and production, copyright trading, publishing, translation, as well as derivatives of related industries.

In addition, other events were also held, including industry forums, business meetings, project signings, ASEAN style performances, and e-sports carnivals. More than 200 reputable buyers from countries along the Belt and Road were invited to participate in the exhibitions, as well as carry out trade matching and on-site negotiations.

The Guangxi pavilion was a highlight of both exhibitions. Guangxi has put great efforts in the development of its animation and game industry. It has encouraged the improvement of original works in animation and game works, supported the creation, production, marketing, and dissemination of local animation and games, as well as focused on creating a group of exemplary works with outstanding themes, distinctive features, and excellent production.

The exhibition has attracted many domestic anime and culture enterprises from outside Guangxi. Wang Zhongliang, chairman of a Hunan enterprise, said that the exhibition has offered an important platform for Chinese enterprises to expand into markets in ASEAN countries. He also expected to strengthen communication with the Nanning government and enterprises as the city has multiple advantages such as policy, region, platforms, human resources, and industrial bases.

A leader of the China-ASEAN Expo Secretariat said that the cultural exhibition, as well as the cartoon and animation game exhibition will help spread traditional Chinese culture, promoting exchanges and cooperation between China and countries along the Belt and Road in the fields of culture, animation, and the game industry.


Members of ethnic minorities of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region perform at the culture exhibition. [Photo/wlt.gxzf.gov.cn]


Cosplayers at the CAEXPO Cartoon & Animation Game Exhibition. [Photo/wlt.gxzf.gov.cn]

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