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China-Vietnam bilateral port opens for operation
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Aidian Customs was formally established on July 16. [Photo/gx.chinanews.com]

Aidian Customs was formally established in Aidian town, Ningming county, Chongzuo, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region on July 16, marking the official operation of the Guangxi Aidian Port and Vietnamese Zhima Port.

Aidian Port is located at the foot of Gongmu Mountain on the land border between China and Vietnam. It borders Loc Binh and Lang Son, Vietnam. The border line under the jurisdiction of Aidian Customs is 25.5 kilometers.


Aidian Port [Photo by Lu Yiquan/chinanews.com]

From 2017 to June 2019, the general trade of import and export at Aidian Port totaled 2,291 tickets, with a value of 2.09 billion yuan ($303.89 million) and a freight volume of 68,800 tons. The value of mutual trade was 7.61 billion yuan and the freight volume was 637,100 tons.

Aidian Customs is currently responsible for the customs clearance and supervision of Aidian Port. Its main business responsibilities include: the supervision of entry and exit transportation tools at the port customs supervision site, manifest management, import and export cargo logistics supervision, inspection, site management, travel supervision and inspection, health supervision, order review, as well as tax collection.

The formal operation of Aidian Port will greatly promote the economic development of Ningming county. It will allow Chinese and Vietnamese people who hold valid passports or their proxy certificates and entry and exit permits to travel, shop, study, as well as do business through Aidian Port and Zhima Port. It is expected that the number of passengers will reach 500,000 people per year, 50 percent more than before.

Aidian Port will also help Ningming county strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Vietnam in the fields of economy, trade, culture, tourism, finance, and technology, develop port processing industries, as well as broaden the port logistics market.

Aidian Port was approved by the State Council in January 2015 as a bilateral passenger and cargo port for China and Vietnam. After years of development, the infrastructure construction of Aidian Port has completely reached the first-class level of national highway ports.

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