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Nanning holds seminar on AI application in medicine
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A medical AI expert shares views from his experiences at the seminar. [Photo/news.Xinhua.com]

More than 30 local government representatives and experts in academic, medical, and industrial fields were invited to explore the pressing issues, pain points, and future development of artificial intelligence (AI) application in medicine in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

Held by the Chinese Health Information and Big Data Association (CHIBDA) and the Big Data Development Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the seminar aimed to promote the AI application in medical treatment.

Participants conducted a discussion on the challenges encountered in the innovative cooperation of medical AI in its use, production, learning, and research, exploring the cooperation models between AI enterprises and hospitals from various perspectives. Combined with the local conditions in Guangxi, they also provided valuable experience and advice for the development of medical AI.

According to Xi Yang, director of the Guangxi Big Data Development Bureau, the local government has proposed promoting the integration and sharing of the health medical information system and the public health medical database, create health medical big data standards, as well as foster new development through the internet and new models of healthcare services to deepen the innovation of big data and form a demonstration land for healthcare for ASEAN.

The first China-ASEAN AI Summit is being held in Nanning from Sept 6 to 9 and a data intelligence competition is being carried out during the summit. With the aim of exploring new service models and deepening the application innovation of big data in population health, the competition has attracted a total of 1,635 teams from 12 countries and regions, including United Imagine Healthcare, Yitu, Deepwise, as well as other famous medical AI enterprises and institutions.

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