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Guangxi adheres to establish smart government
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The Intelligent Age – Smart Government Summit Forum was held at Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center on Sept 9 as one of the sub-forums of the first China-ASEAN AI Summit.

Chen Jiehao, assistant director of the Big Data Development Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, introduced the construction, main practices, and government data management countermeasures of the Guangxi Digital Government Service Platform.

At present, the platform is well promoted and widely applied. It has been put into trial operation in 75 department, 14 cities, 378 city-level and district-level units, 101 county-level units, as well as 105 township-level units in Guangxi. The total number of government service matters has reached 777,134 and the total number of cases was 162,045.

Chen also pointed out five main governance practices at the forum to deal with government data, including managing the whole lifecycle in the technical context, managing the whole lifecycle of project management in the information construction as a whole, establishing a "logical database" of the whole region's data, establishing a data management channel, as well as promoting online supply and demand scheduling of government data.

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