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Private enterprises tap into ASEAN market through CAEXPO
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Serving as a platform for Chinese enterprises to invest in ASEAN is part of the mission and characteristics of the China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO), which has helped many private enterprises tap into the ASEAN market.

Since China-ASEAN established its strategic partnership 16 years ago, China has become a net exporter of capital, and ASEAN has also become an important area for Chinese companies to invest in abroad. By the end of 2018, the two-way cumulative investment of China and ASEAN reached $205.71 billion, and the stock of two-way investment has increased 22 times in 15 years.

CAEXPO, which is co-organized by China and 10 ASEAN countries, organizes a wide range of comprehensive investment activities every year, providing private enterprises with a one-stop platform for understanding ASEAN countries and market demand, helping them to find suitable partners.

"With the platform of CAEXPO, Huawei is able to better showcase its strengths and digital transformation experience in ICT (information, communication, and technology) to our customers, eco-partners and the public, said Zhao Rui, general manager of Huawei, at the 15th CAEXPO in Guangxi.

In addition to Huawei, the leaders of major Chinese private enterprises such as Alibaba, JD, Xiaomi, and Pacific Construction have also attended CAEXPO. Their participation not only makes CAEXPO more influential, but also allows ASEAN countries to see more possibilities for cooperation with Chinese companies.

During the 16th CAEXPO, a series of events will be held by the China-ASEAN Private Entrepreneurs' Federation, such as the first China-ASEAN Private Entrepreneur Summit. The activities will not only provide private entrepreneurs with a new platform for dialogue, face-to-face communication, and sharing of business experience, but also create new opportunities for enterprises in the ASEAN market.


Staff members of private enterprises take part in the International Sourcing Conference of the 15th CAEXPO. [Photo/caexpo.org]

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