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Environmental cooperation forum focuses on regional green growth
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The China-ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Forum 2019 is held in Nanning from Sept 17-18. [Photo by Xian Yanxing/gsnews.com.cn]

The China-ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Forum 2019 was held by the China-ASEAN Environment Cooperation Center and the Guangxi Ecology and Environment Department in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region from Sept 17 to 18.

The forum attracted more than 350 representatives from the environmental departments of China and ASEAN countries, the ASEAN Secretariat, international organizations, as well as research institutions, who took part in discussions on promoting regional green growth.

Two plenary meetings and three sub-forums were held during the two-day event. The sub-forums focused on eco-city construction and marine ecosystem protection, conducting top level design, policy communication, industry participation, knowledge sharing, and case study exchanges on how to promote urban green transformation and development.

The forum also shared concepts and practices regarding ecological civilization and green development through high-level policy dialogues, providing theoretical support and policy recommendations for the green development of the Belt and Road.

The forum aimed to take action on promoting the protection of China and ASEAN member countries in coastal cities for biodiversity conservation and urban plastic waste prevention, especially plastic reduction. It also aimed to establish a platform for cooperation involving Chinese and ASEAN governments, international organizations, and research institutions. In addition, it also included green industry innovation exchanges with ASEAN countries, the sharing of advanced technologies and application case studies in water, atmosphere and, soil pollution control, so that both sides can reach project intentions on environmental solutions.

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