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Guangxi accelerates ports construction in Beibu Gulf area
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The busy Qinzhou Port of the Beibu Gulf. [Photo by Xu Shijie/gxnews.com.cn]

From January to September this year, Beibu Gulf ports completed a total cargo throughput and a cumulative container volume of 170 million metric ton and 2.86 million TEUs respectively, an increase of 17.85 percent and 25.08 percent year-on-year.

Since the beginning of this year, Guangxi has accelerated the infrastructure construction of the Beibu Gulf ports, including agglomerating resources and elements to increase the volume of container cargo, as well as promoting the construction of the Qinzhou Port Container Handling Station, the expansion of the East Channel of Qinzhou Port, the inbound waterway construction of Tieshan Port of Beihai, and the construction of a 400,000-ton wharf of Fangchenggang Port.

Beibu Gulf ports have also strengthened cooperation with internationally renowned port and shipping companies, constructing and operating the Qinzhou Port container terminal and the Fangchenggang Port bulk cargo terminal.

As of the end of this September, Beibu Gulf ports had 82 production berths, 64 berths above 10,000 tons, and two berths above 200,000 tons. Three railway lines spanning a total length of 101.06 kilometers are operated, serving nearly 4,000 vehicles per day with container loading and unloading capacity of 4,300 TEUs.

Beibu Gulf ports have been committed to port information construction, gradually buiding a port production operation system, a ship unified dispatching system, a multimodal transport system, a port business reservation system, and an external service system.

A unified service platform of Beibu Gulf ports was put into use in October 2018, providing information services for shipping companies, trailer companies, freight forwarding, domestic ports, Southeast Asian ports, and port regulatory authorities to realize online processing and data resource sharing of various businesses. It has promoted high-quality development between ports and port companies.

In the future, Beibu Gulf ports will further enhance smart supervision, smart services, as well as automatic loading and unloading capabilities to create modern ports with first-class facilities and service capabilities.

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