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Guilin preferential policies to further benefit Taiwan people
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The city of Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region has recently issued 50 implementation measures for preferential policies to support, coordinate, and serve the development of Taiwan enterprises, as well as provide more convenience for Taiwan people.

Divided into three parts, the 50 implementation measures put forward specific methods to benefit the Taiwan people in line with Guilin's actual conditions in the fields of industrial revitalization, rural revitalization, as well as institutional mechanism reform and systematic improvements in its business environment.

The first part aims to promote Taiwan-funded enterprises so that they have the same rights as Guilin enterprises in the fields of investments and finance, including preferential policies in investment, agriculture, exhibition, technological innovation, taxation, land use, finance, and more.

The second part is mainly focused on providing the same privileges for Taiwan people as Guilin residents in terms of vocational qualifications, entrepreneurial employment, talent introduction, education, medical care, provident fund, social security, and legal services. The third part covers measures to deepen social and cultural exchanges, as well as cooperation between Guangxi and Taiwan, including cooperation and project construction to spotlight notable traditional culture and minority culture, as well as youth exchanges, and social group exchanges.

The implementation measures encourage Taiwan enterprises to develop cultural tourism and recreation industries, as well as strengthen policy support for Taiwan enterprises, such as preferential policies regarding land use, the reduction of administrative fees and charges, as well as rewards and compensation.

Guilin is a popular city in Guangxi for Taiwan enterprises. At present, more than 5,000 Taiwan people live in Guilin and more than 400 Taiwan enterprises have been established in the city, involving tourism, commerce, logistics, agriculture, machinery, real estate, and medical healthcare.

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