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Guangxi achieves phased results in poverty alleviation
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The new look of a village in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. [Photo/gxnews.com.cn]

Focusing on the goal of lifting 1.05 million people out of poverty, Guangxi has made great efforts in promoting poverty alleviation, achieving phased results this year.

Guangxi Party Secretary Lu Xinshe and Chairman Chen Wu took the lead in conducting in-depth research and guidance in poverty stricken areas, hosting special conferences to promote poverty alleviation. Lu and Chen both stressed that Guangxi should focus on fundamental issues, improve the quality of poverty alleviation work, and work to ensure that the region builds an overall well-off society.

Guangxi has researched and formulated targeted measures, introducing four major implementation plans for compulsory education, basic medical care, housing security, and drinking water safety.

Guangxi has accelerated the construction of township boarding schools and small-scale schools in rural areas. It has started construction on 71 poverty relief resettlement schools, as well as 35 new schools in towns and villages. It has also formulated work plans and established mechanisms to control school dropout rates.

Guangxi has attached great importance to alleviating the burden of medical care for the poor. It strives to promote the standardization of township hospitals and village clinics, with plans to implement 54 township health center infrastructure projects. The region has also strengthened in building its pool of grassroots medical talents by arranging 270 posts for general practitioners in township hospitals and recruiting no less than 200 medical students to poor areas every year.

In addition, Guangxi has started renovations on 37,000 rural dilapidated houses and completed 15,000 of them. It has also promoted projects related to rural drinking water safety.

To date, Guangxi has invested 1.55 billion yuan ($219.26 million) in poverty alleviation efforts, completed 1,953 related projects, and helped 11,400 impoverished people solve drinking water safety issues.

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