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Chinese language education fosters China-Malaysia ties
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A delegation of the United Youth Movement of Malaysia (GBBM) consisting of five people paid a visit to Guangxi Overseas Chinese School on Nov 5, focusing on exchanges on cooperation in Chinese language and culture education.

Chook Wai Mun, head of the delegation and permanent honorary president of GBBM, noted that the delegation aims to get in-depth understanding of high school classes and vocational education, as well as strengthen cooperation in short-term training and summer and winter camps to promote the development of Chinese language education in Malaysia.

Another member of the delegation said that there is great potential for cooperation between Malaysian Chinese education institutions and Guangxi Overseas Chinese School. He added that he expected that the two sides can develop Chinese education projects in the future.

Zhang Qiwen, Party secretary of Guangxi Overseas Chinese School, gave a detailed introduction on the school's Chinese education, including its advantages, curriculum, short-term overseas camps, training of overseas Chinese School teachers, as well as cooperation with foreign government departments and educational institutions.

He stressed that as one of the few schools in China recruiting overseas Chinese high school students, the school will develop exchange and cooperation projects to help more young Malaysians learn Chinese and understand Chinese culture to further deepen friendships between China and Malaysia.

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