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Guangxi further promotes rural revitalization
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South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region has issued the Implementation Opinions on Deepening Rural Reform and Motivating New Kinetic Energy in Rural Rejuvenation to further implement its rural revitalization strategy and intensify the integration of rural reform.

Focusing on prominent issues, such as inactive rural land resources, the weakening of rural industries, lack of planning for villages, weak village collective economies, weak grassroots governance, and shortage of talents, the implementation opinions propose 26 measures in five major fields, spanning rural land, rural industry, rural planning, rural finance, and rural governance. It requires the completion of the introduction and implementation of related supporting policies in the first half of 2020.

The implementation opinions also notes that from 2020, every county (city, district) in Guangxi will choose two to three villages each year to carry out trials, effectively improving the overall effect of rural reform.

Guangxi will strive to build a number of demonstration areas for rural revitalization in two to three years, as well as build a group of demonstration areas of rural revitalization that have great influence in the country by 2025, exploring and forming a model that can be replicated and promoted in the whole region.

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