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Nanning strives to develop cross-border e-commerce
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Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Zone. [Photo/gxnews.com.cn]

In 2019, the cross-border e-commerce export list of Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Zone reached 35.87 million tickets, with a value of 822 million yuan ($118.45 million), and the single-day export peak exceeded 600,000 tickets.

Since last year, the zone has opened a total of 9,610 cross-border e-commerce export businesses from Guangxi to Vietnam and introduced more than 40 cross-border e-commerce companies, such as excellent local enterprises like Nanning Department Store and Beibu Gulf Port Group, well-known domestic enterprises like SF and Yuantong, as well as Southeast Asia commercial giants Lazada.

The zone has solved the transit time limitations of exporting from Nanning to Vietnam, shortening customs clearance time by half to one day. It has also promoted the clearance of the first cross-border e-commerce goods exported by land-sea transport, as well as opened the logistics channel for cross-border e-commerce from Nanning to Qinzhou.

In order to ensure convenient and fast customs clearance of cross-border e-commerce export goods, Nanning customs has actively innovated its supervision model. It has also explored the implementation of the country's first intensive customs clearance model integrating international mail, express mail, and cross-border e-commerce supervision, realizing one-stop handling of customs clearance services for express and cross-border e-commerce, including import and export loading and unloading, centralized inspection, transfer supervision, as well as quarantine processing.

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