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Nanning greatly improves living environment in 2019
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According to a press conference on housing and urban-rural construction management in 2019, Nanning has made progress in advancing urban water environment management and infrastructure construction, strengthening urban construction management, as well as improving the level of ecological livability.

The city has initially established a long-term mechanism for controlling water pollution and improved the operation and maintenance management mechanism. It has also promoted the construction of sewage treatment facilities, building six new sewage treatment plants. In addition, Nanning has accelerated the construction of sewage pipeline networks, the reconstruction of rain and sewage pipeline networks, as well as the repair of defective pipeline networks to further strengthen urban sewage treatment capacity.

As of December 2019, water quality in the basins of Nanning maintained its excellent rating. As of Dec 25, 2019, Nanning's air quality index was 3.95, a year-on-year improvement of 3 percent. In addition, as part of the first batch of national sponge city construction pilot cities, Nanning's 54.6 square-kilometer sponge city construction demonstration zone passed national acceptance with top three outstanding achievements in the country in March 2019.

In addition, Nanning has accelerated the progress of urban construction projects, improved urban functions, and carried out garden landscape construction. In 2019, the city has promoted 65 urban landscaping construction projects, with a complete investment of 578 million yuan ($83.42 million) by the end of December.

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