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Yulin to build new energy materials industrial base
 updatetime:2020-01-13 10:30:15   View:0 Source:en.gxzf.gov.cn

Yulin, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region is going to build a 700,000-ton lithium battery new energy materials integrated industrial base with the support of 130 billion yuan ($18.76 billion) from an industrial investment fund.

The new energy materials industrial investment fund was jointly established by Beijing Huapei Capital Management Co, government guided funds, and social investors. The industrial investment fund is managed by Beijing Huajing Capital Management Co and entrusted to Zhejiang Huayou Holding Group for project management and operation after the project is put into production.

The industrial base is expected to construct an industrial chain on account of the cathode material of new energy automobile power batteries, integrating refining, chemicals, materials, and lithium batteries. This project will gather the leading companies in the global lithium battery industry chain and it will become an advanced manufacturing base for lithium battery materials with the world's largest industrial agglomeration and enterprise cluster after completion.

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