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Border ports in Guangxi help resume foreign trade
 updatetime:2020-03-23 17:33:52   View:0 Source:en.gxzf.gov.cn

Since all border ports in Guangxi resumed cargo clearance, the volume of cargo entering and leaving Guangxi through the ports from Feb 10 to March 15 reached 11.56 million tons, while a total of 112,335 people have entered and left Guangxi from Feb 3 to March 15.

Border trade has also resumed. From Feb 11 to March 15, there were 6,178 inbound and outbound trucks at Dongxing Port, with an import and export freight volume of 65,801.41 tons. From Feb 20 to March 17, Youyi Port in Pingxiang, Chongzuo, the largest land fruit port in China, imported 1,881 batches of fruit and completed clearance of 860 vehicles per day since March.

In order to ensure the health and safety of entry-exit personnel through ports, as well as the smooth clearance of imported and exported goods, Guangxi has established three mechanisms to strengthen epidemic prevention and control at the ports, including the multinational joint defense and control mechanism, the emergency response mechanism, and the operation guarantee mechanism for port customs clearance.

In addition, the Guangxi Commerce Department and Nanning Customs have issued measures to support the development of foreign trade.

At present, 1,044 key enterprises engaged in foreign trade in Guangxi and 1,348 foreign-invested enterprises in the region have resumed work.

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