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Guangxi medical team returns from Hubei after completing mission
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The Guangxi medical team supporting Shiyan arrives at Nanning Wuxu International Airport on March 21. [Photo by Huang Shiqi/gxnews.com.cn]

The Guangxi anti-novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic medical team supporting Shiyan, Hubei province returned home after they completed their mission. While 20 members of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention has stayed behind in Shiyan according to national requirements, the remaining 112 members of the team arrived at Nanning Wuxu International Airport on March 21.


A ceremony is held at Nanning Wuxu International Airport to welcome the Guangxi medical team that is returning home after supporting Shiyan, Hubei province. [Photo by Huang Shiqi/gxnews.com.cn]

As of March 20, the Guangxi medical team supporting Shiyan have diagnosed and treated a total of 828 patients, including diagnosed cases, suspected cases, and fever cases, of which 589 people were cured and discharged. The medical team has also conducted 61 remote consultations and completed 5,527 nucleic acid tests. In addition, 11 batches of 1.94 million medical supplies and 1,082 tons of living supplies have been sent to support Shiyan.


A member of the medical team shows a present given by Shiyan residents. [Photo by Huang Shiqi/gxnews.com.cn]

Guangxi launched its assistance to Shiyan on Feb 10, dispatching high quality medical staff with excellent skills to support the Hubei province city in three batches. Members from 29 medical and health units of Guangxi were divided into 10 medical groups, one disease prevention and control group, as well as one hospital infection-control group to help fight against the novel coronavirus in medical institutions in Danjiangkou, Liyang district, Luxi county, Fangxian county, Zhushan county, and Zhuxi county in Shiyan.

The medical team has supported three municipal-level designated hospitals, seven county-level designated hospitals, as well as seven disease prevention and control centers in Shiyan, providing medical treatment and epidemic prevention inspections in medical institutions of all levels in the city.

In addition, the medical team has provided strong technical support for critical cases with high-quality medical resources in Guangxi through nearly 100 remote consultations.

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