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YouTubers invited to explore Chongqing
 updatetime:2020-07-15 17:39:24   View:0 Source:Ecns.cn

YouTubers Lee John Barrett and Oliver Joshua Barrett has made their first visit to Chongqing.

The British father and son duo runs the 'Barrett' YouTube channel, which has 117,000 followers and a total view count of over 9 million.

They are among the first overseas YouTubers invited to participate in the "Real China Tour – Overseas YouTubers Film Chongqing" event.

The British vloggers visited the Three Gorges, taking in the magnificent scenery from 1388 meters up high.

They were greatly impressed by the Dazu rock carvings.

They shared the city's natural wonders, cultural landscapes, and new urban features with their fans.

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