China-made full-automatic driving subway train ready to make its debut in Turkey
 updatetime:2020-07-17 18:21:30   Views:0 Source:People's Daily Online

The first subway train produced by CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. in central China’s Hunan province, for the new airport line of Istanbul rolled off the production line on July 14, the official WeChat account of Science and Technology Daily reported.



It is China’s first subway project delivered to the financial center and principal seaport of Turkey, and also China’s first exported 120km/h full-automatic large axle load vehicle.

With the latest achievement of independent research and development of the company, the train consists of four coaches, with a maximum capacity of 1,100 passengers. It is a combination of having a gorgeous appearance, intelligent technology, safety, and comfort, and its full-automatic driving technology can support unmanned operation in various scenarios.

With a various number of carriages, the train, whose external design combines elements of tulip, the logo of the Ministry of Transportation of Turkey, is able to cater to different passenger flows at different times. In case of an emergency, a system has been installed that allows passengers to contact the control center.

The train has an innovative power circuit and a new control system that meets the SIL (safety integrity level)-2 requirements, which is developed for the first time. Together they guarantee safer trips.

In particular it is worth noting that the train reached completion within six months, which is a world record, despite various difficulties, including the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19. According to Wang Qiaolin, the deputy general manager of CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd., the company collaborated with more than 300 related partner companies in Zhuzhou.

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