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China solicits public opinion on foreign teacher regulation
 updatetime:2020-07-22 16:00:38   View:0 Source:Xinhua

China's Ministry of Education on Tuesday started to solicit public opinion on a draft regulation for foreign teachers that requires them to obey Chinese laws and rules, as well as to abide by work ethics as educators.

According to the draft, their teaching activities and course content should be in keeping with China's educational principles and basic requirements, in the meantime, should not undermine China's sovereignty, security, honorable reputation and public interest.

The draft highlights the physical and psychological health of foreign teachers, saying they should have no criminal records, infectious diseases and history of mental disorders, among others.

The country also plans to establish a credit record system for foreign teachers, the draft says, adding that drug users and those who were convicted of misconduct such as sexual abuse of minors, will be dismissed and recorded in the system.

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