University students return to campus in Wuhan
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Since August 22, Wuhan University has begun welcoming students back to university life.

According to the principle of staggered peak and batch, students will be divided into four groups to return to campus.

After disinfection, health code scanning, registration and temperature testing, students are allowed to enter the campus. You Wenjie, a student at Wuhan University, said it's been a long time, a long-lost feeling, strange and familiar.

Students have not returned to school for seven months since the winter vacation began in January this year.

Faced with the challenges of epidemic prevention and control, such as high population mobility across regions and high population density, Wuhan University has taken a variety of anti-epidemic measures to ensure the safety of students.

These measures include the closed management of campus and dormitories, off-peak dining in the canteen, daily cleaning and disinfection of high-frequency surfaces in public areas, etc.

The university disinfected and ventilated the dormitories in advance, and provided hand sanitizer in the public bathrooms. After the semester begins, students scan codes and measure their temperatures to enter and exit the dormitories. The public areas of the dormitories will be disinfected twice a day.

Many universities in Wuhan City have announced the start time of the 2020 fall semester.

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