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Guangxi showcases cultural charm at 3rd CIIE
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Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region set up special exhibition areas during the third China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, showcasing and promoting Guangxi's strengths and charm in areas spanning culture, tourism, as well as distinctive agricultural products.

Opened on Nov 5, Guangxi's exhibition areas applied traditional Zhuang ethnic architecture styles in its overall design.

Performances of folk singing and dancing, as well as traditional instruments including the lusheng, a reed-pipe wind musical instrument, were staged at the exhibition areas.

On-site production of Guangxi's intangible cultural heritages like Qinzhou Nixing pottery and Zhuang brocade were also available during the event, attracting many visitors.

"We hope to find more cooperation partners with the help of the CIIE, getting more people to learn about Qinzhou Nixing pottery," said Zhou Sanping, a Guangxi designer of Qinzhou Nixing pottery attending the CIIE for the first time.

"The CIIE is an excellent platform where I can get a close look at Guangxi. The region enjoys an outstanding geographic location and splendid landscape scenery, especially those in Guilin," said an exhibitor from Switzerland after visiting Guangxi's exhibition area.

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