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The 4th China-ASEAN Information Harbor Forum Staged in Nanning, Guangxi
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November 26 saw the 4th China-ASEAN Information Harbor Forum in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

The forum was held in a combination of "online + offline" format. More than 180 government officials, high-end enterprise talented persons, business leaders, experts and scholars from China, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries attended the main forum offline.

Attendees exchanged ideas and made suggestions on the development of digital economy, intelligent interconnection, data sharing, cooperation and mutual benefit. At the forum, the White Paper on the Construction of China-ASEAN Information Harbor and a Digital Guangxi was released. It systematically describes the significant achievements in the construction of China-ASEAN Information Harbor and a digital Guangxi, shows the close relationship between them, which are mutually supportive and integrated, and embodied the concept of "based in Guangxi, facing ASEAN and serving China-ASEAN cooperation".

As of now, the first three sessions of the China-ASEAN Information Harbor Forum have been successfully held. (BBRTV)

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