Green development boosts Guilin county's rural revitalization
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Three women in qipaos take pictures near peach blossom trees. [Photo provided by Su Gui to]

Pingle county in Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region has prioritized green development in its rural revitalization efforts in recent years, local media outlets reported on March 11.

The 300-mu (20-hectare) peach blossom trees in Yangzui village, eight kilometers away from southeast Pingle, have been bursting with blooming pink flowers since the spring season started, attracting many visitors interested in rural sightseeing.

The reason that the village chose to plant peach trees was that their flowers would bloom in the spring and their peaches could be picked in the summer, complementing the village's persimmons, which are only available in the autumn and spring, according to Huang Zhibiao of Yangzui village.

Yangzui village is home to 44 households with 168 residents. Huang noted that the annual production of peaches was around 125,000 kilograms, with a value of 1.2 million yuan ($188,998), helping residents generate more income.

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