Over 1,700 internet hospitals are established in China
 updatetime:2022-06-24 08:53:00   Views:0 Source:Ecns.cn

More than 1,700 internet hospitals have been approved and established in China and integrated online and offline medical service has formed basically, according to National Health Commission.

Online medical services have developed fast in China since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, with internet hospitals accumulating in number.

As of the end of 2021, online hospitals have served 298 million people, increasing by 83.08 million compared to 2020. Online hospital users have accounted for 28.9 percent of the total number of Chinese netizens.

At present, more than half of the second-level and above public hospitals in China have developed medical service pre-registration and among them, over 4,800 can provide prior-consultations, reducing cross-infection caused by gathering.

Meanwhile, remote medical services have covered all prefecture-level cities and more than 90 percent of counties (cities and regions), providing high-quality medical resources and improving the medical service capability at grassroot-level hospitals.

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