China's State Council mulls measures to advance rural revitalization
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BEIJING, Jan. 23 (Xinhua) -- China's State Council on Monday held an executive meeting to mull measures to advance rural revitalization on all fronts.

The meeting, chaired by Premier Li Qiang, also reviewed and adopted a guideline for promoting the high-quality development of the instant delivery industry, and made arrangements for facilitating new industrialization with artificial intelligence.

It was briefed on the operation of the capital market as well as considerations for related work, and discussed a draft law on atomic energy and a draft revision of the law on anti-money laundering.

The meeting stressed the importance of prioritizing the development of agriculture and rural areas, accelerating the development of modern agriculture, consolidating the foundations of food security, and promoting relatively fast income growth of farmers in multiple ways.

Nurturing and attracting talent to take part in rural revitalization is necessary, as is accelerating the green development pattern transformation, according to the meeting.

It underscored the importance of providing further encouragement and strengthening guidance for the instant delivery industry, and the importance of improving its business environment to boost its development.

Instant delivery companies should be urged to maintain the bottom line of food and delivery safety, protect the rights and interests of workers, and lower costs for compliant enterprise operations, the meeting said.

It called for efforts to pursue the deep integration of artificial intelligence and manufacturing, with a focus on smart manufacturing, as well as efforts to make key industries smarter and develop smart products.

It stressed the need to improve the capital market's fundamental system further, paying more attention to maintaining a dynamic balance between investment and financing, enhancing the quality and investment value of listed companies, increasing flows of medium and long-term funds into the market, and strengthening the market's inherent stability.

The meeting pledged to boost capital market regulation and take stronger, more effective measures to stabilize the market and improve market confidence.

Efforts will be made to enhance the innovation and coordination of policy tools, consolidate and strengthen the trend of economic recovery, and promote the stable and healthy development of the capital market, the meeting said.

It also decided to submit a draft atomic energy law and a draft revision of the money laundering law to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress for review.

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