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Guangxi's first 'carbon-neutral' gas station starts operation
 updatetime:2021-05-31 14:09:20   View:0 Source:en.gxzf.gov.cn

The first "carbon-neutral" gas station in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region started official operations on May 28.

The station, located in Guangxi's Baise, applies a photovoltaic power generation system. It is expected that the station will reduce 81.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, which is 5.5 tons more than the carbon emissions of the station for one year. 

It is estimated that the annual power consumption of the station can reach 91,000 kilowatts, which is 10,000 kW more than the station needs annually.  

A total of 70 such "carbon-neutral" gas stations applying photovoltaic power generation are scheduled to be built in Guangxi in 2021, and the number will reach 500 by the end of the 14th Five Year Plan period (2021-25).

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