The first CPC branch in Guangxi

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In October 1925, the office of Wuzhou Republican Daily witnessed the founding of the CPC Wuzhou Branch, marking the first CPC branch in Guangxi.

In the autumn of 1925 before the establishment of the CPC Wuzhou Branch, Zhou Enlai came to Wuzhou in secret to guide Party building in Guangxi.

At the turn of the 20th century, Wuzhou saw well-developed industry and business, and continuous expansion of industrial worker teams and labor unions.

It was geographically close to the revolutionary center Guangzhou, so Marxism-Leninism had a great impact on the residents in Wuzhou.  

Zhou Enlai highly praised Wuzhou's Party building foundation. In October of the same year, the CPC Wuzhou Branch was officially established.


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