Lenin Cave: Those Who Want Revolution Should Stand Together

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Located in Donglan County, Lenin Cave was named Beidi Cave. It's a natural karst cave, which is 64m wide, 43m high and 137 deep and large enough for thousands of people.

At its cave mouth, there is a carved wooden couplet of a saying by Mr. Wei Baqun "Those who want revolution should stand together, and those who dare not should step aside."

Born in Donglan County, Guangxi, Wei was from the Zhuang ethnic group. He joined the Chinese Communist Party in 1926 and was one of the leaders in the Baise Uprising.

In September 1925, Wei founded the First Peasant Movement Institute in Guangxi at Lenin Cave to spread the Marxist-Leninist ideology. After that, two more sessions were held in the local elementary school. A total of 600 students were trained which included Han, Zhuang and Yao people.

Many of the students had become leaders of later peasant revolutions after they graduated and returned to their hometowns. Beidi Cave was thus renamed Lenin Cave.


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