The story between Zhou Enlai and Guangxi

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On this medal that memorizes the establishment of Guangxi Zhuang (僮) Autonomous Region in 1958, " Zhuang (壮)" was written with a different Chinese character, which was used before the region got this name.

The Zhuang ethnic minority is the most populous ethnic group in Guangxi and even China with a population equivalent to 31.36% of that in Guangxi. The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region was established in March 1958. However, the previously used character(僮) has multiple meaning and pronunciations. It reads tóng or zhuàng. But the former pronunciation means "nonage maid-servants", which more or less reflects an outmoded convention. In 1965, proposed by Premier Zhou Enlai and approved by the State Council, the Chinese character " Zhuàng(僮)" was changed to the homophone " Zhuàng(壮)", which means "healthy and strong" to show respect to the Zhuang people and place great hopes on the "healthy growth and development" of them.

On October 12, the same year, the State Council approved the proposal. This also marked the official change of the name for this ethnic group.


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