Ho Chi Minh Trail on the Sea

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The Ho Chi Minh Trail on the Sea was built in 1963, starting from Fangchenggang, Guangxi in China, and ending at Cai Chien Island in Vietnam.

As the United States intensifies its aggression against Vietnam, the war was raging from the southern area to the northern area of the country. The railway and bridge were damaged, and the supply line was cut off. After consultations between Premier Zhou Enlai and the Vietnamese delegation, the Central Government approved the construction of the Trail on March 22, 1968, a port for combat readiness was built in Fangchenggang, the nearest city to the border. It was used as a covert delivery line on the sea to send supplies to Vietnam, with the code name “Guangxi 3•22 Project”. This supply route is known as the "Ho Chi Minh Trail on the Sea".

Fangchenggang has now become the first port with a handling capacity of 100 million tons in western China with 41 berths with a handling capacity of over 10,000 tons.


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