Worries rise as Tokyo 2020 sailing athletes in same hotel with local tourists
 updatetime:2021-07-12 15:56:08   Views:0 Source:Xinhua

The Tokyo 2020 sailing athletes are staying at the same hotel with local Japanese tourists, raising concerns about possible COVID-19 infections, Chinese Yachting Association president Zhang Xiaodong told Xinhua here on Sunday.

The Chinese yachting chief expressed her 'deep worry' about this situation, saying the Chinese team is negotiating with Tokyo 2020 organizers for enhanced COVID-19 precautions in this hotel.

"Although the teams from different countries are arranged on separate floors, local tourists still mix with Olympic athletes in the lobby and the restaurant," said Zhang.

"It may increase potential risks of COVID-19 infections," she added.

The residence of the sailing athletes is outside the Olympic Village as the Enoshima Yacht Harbour venue is located away from downtown Tokyo.

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