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Guangxi weightlifter muscles to 2 Olympic gold medals
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Shi Zhiyong wins the gold medal in the men's 73 kg weightlifting event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games on July 28. [Photo/China News Services]


Shi Zhiyong has broken his own world record to win gold in the men"s 73kg weightlifting event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games on July 28, claiming his second gold medal after the one he won in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Shi was born in 1993 in Guilin's Wutong town, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, and started weigh training at the age of eight with his coach, Xiao Shuanggui.

Wutong town is one of the four major ancient towns in northern Guilin and is famous for being the hometown of weightlifting athletes. With a population of around 60,000, the town has cultivated a batch of world weightlifting champions.

"Shi has stood out among his peers in terms of physical fitness since childhood and he has always been very hardworking," Xiao said.

"I'm really happy that my son won the gold medal. He likes eating our homegrown vegetables, so we will prepare a big meal for his return home," said Tang Xidi, Shi's mother.

"I think Shi's success relies on his hard work and persistence," said Long Sufen, Shi's cousin.

Long added that when Shi first started weight training, his palms were worn out from practice, but he never thought of resting. 

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