The only way is up for country's young rock climbers
 updatetime:2021-08-05 11:25:00   Views:0 Source:China Daily

Standing beneath the climbing wall, 12-year-old Wei Changcheng is ready to compete with fellow climber, Huang Deyang. At their coach's command, the two young climbers scramble upward and reach the top easily 15 seconds later.

"My best result is 12 seconds," said Wei, who has been training on speed climbing for over a year and has participated in a number of competitions with good results. "I want to be a professional rock climber in the future," he said.

Wei was born in Leye county, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, where ideal destinations for rock climbing enthusiasts are nestled among majestic karst pinnacles. Hidden within the verdant landscape are caves, overhangs and towering walls that offer unlimited potential.

Whether it is natural rock or an artificial climbing wall, people are always interested in climbing. Since last year, more than 20 children like Wei have come to a base in Leye on weekends to train.

Liu Yongbang and Xiao Ting are the elite rock climbers coaching the children. Involved in the sport for more than 10 years, they are committed to promoting the development of rock climbing in China. The couple traveled abroad to meet friends, improve their climbing and bring advanced techniques back to China. So far, they have developed more than 1,400 climbing routes in the country.

"At first, we kept attempting difficult routes to win the recognition of climbers at home and abroad," said Liu, adding that now they are devoted to the development of rock climbing and the promotion of rock climbing culture.

In recent years, the couple has organized summer and winter camps for young climbers and has promoted popularity of the sport on campuses. With the support of the local government, the Yanbang Rock Climbing School was established in Leye last year.

"Now we are piloting in three schools in the county. Children who are interested in learning to climb can come to the base to train. Every month and each quarter, we hold competitions to test their skills," Xiao said.

"The children currently participating in training are 8-15 years old. We will focus our efforts on continuing to tap and train talented climbers," she added.

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