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Dongxing benefits from past decade of China-ASEAN cooperation
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The Guangxi (Dongxing) Key Pilot Zone for Opening up and Development has seen accelerated aggregation of distinctive cross-border industries and has formed a new platform for China-ASEAN strategic cooperation in the past decade, Fangchenggang officials announced during a May 24 press conference.

Construction of the zone started in August 2012 by the Chinese government in Fangchenggang, which is situated on the China-Vietnam border. The zone is currently China's only pilot zone that is both on the coast and the boundary line, as well as tops all domestic zones in area size.

The zone has formulated a group of pillar industries, including the iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, energy and chemicals, as well as grain and oil industries. Its cross-border industries have been going through rapid development, incorporating cross-border commerce, finance, and e-commerce innovations.

It has built China's only land-sea cold chain logistics channel connecting Southeast Asian counties and has also put a batch of checkpoint projects into operation, such as the designated checkpoint for imported fruit, as well as the import checkpoint for Thai fruit via the third country.

A green channel for cross-border medical treatment has been opened for Vietnamese patients, while efforts have also been made in financial reform. For example, Chinese renminbi can be directly converted to Vietnamese dong in the zone.

In addition, officials put forward that the zone will make full use of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) regulations to carry out more pilot projects in sectors spanning cargo trade, preferential rules of origin, investment, as well as service trade.

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