Southern Shanxi launches first freight train to Central Asia
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A train loaded with automotive components, manufacturing machinery, and other goods departed from Houma City, north China’s Shanxi province on Wednesday, heading to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries.

This is the inaugural launch of the China-Central Asia train route in the southern region of Shanxi, signifying the continuous deepening of economic and trade cooperation between Shanxi and the countries of Central Asia.

This freight train travels approximately 8,000 kilometers in total. It departs from the Khorgos Port Station and arrives in Central Asian countries after about 15 days. The entire train consists of 38 40-foot containers and 24 20-foot containers, with a total weight of 1,669 tons. The cargo includes automobile windshields, hydraulic hoses, pipe supports, and other goods related to production and daily life.

As of now, the southern region of Shanxi Province in China has established multiple international logistics corridors connecting China to Europe, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and other regions. These channels have facilitated the development of foreign trade activities for businesses in this area.

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