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Shopping festival held to welcome Chinese New Year
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Special dishes and snacks for Guangxi's spring festival eve dinner are displayed at the shopping festival. [Photo by Song Yao/gxnews.com.cn]

The 2020 Guangxi Shopping Fair for Spring Festival opened at the Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center on Jan 4, providing a good place for people to buy products for the coming Spring Festival and further stimulating consumption.

Co-sponsored by the Guangxi Commerce Department and the Nanning government, the shopping festival will last from Jan 4 to 20. It covers a total area of 15,000 square meters and has 800 booths. Six exhibition areas cover various categories of famous Guangxi products such as local specialties, snack foods, drinks, tea, tea sets, brand clothing, daily necessities, household items, jewelry, small appliances, crafts, festival supplies, cultural souvenirs, and specialty gourmet snacks.

Guangxi-featured products such as tea, wine, fruits, and rice noodles are also exhibited for sale. Meanwhile, the traditional dishes and snacks of Guangxi for Spring Festival create a strong atmosphere of the Chinese New Year.

"The shopping festival will also be carried out in all 14 cities of Guangxi to focus on the promotion of featured Guangxi products and to provide a platform for agricultural products exhibition in poor areas," said a representative of the Guangxi Commerce Department.

Next, Nanning will launch various cultural events to enhance the vitality of the consumer goods market, such as citrus fruits promotion, a lion dance championship, and lantern show.

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