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Virus control efforts of China-Vietnam border successful
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Youyi Port in Pingxiang, Chongzuo, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, China ’s largest land port to Vietnam and the ASEAN countries, has implemented strict and timely measures for the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus, gaining success with zero cases diagnosed of the epidemic.

According to Peng Yong, deputy director of the Pingxiang ports service center, the number of entry and exit personnel at Youyi Port has exceeded 20,000, with people that have suspected symptoms, such as colds and fevers, being removed and isolated for inspection.

Youyi Port has strengthened the inspection of immigration personnel by using health declaration cards, as well as strengthened temperature monitoring and medical investigations. It has also established routine waiting areas and fever waiting areas outside the travel inspection hall to reduce crowds and the risk of cross infection. In addition, the temperature monitoring of the cargo transport crew and passengers, as well as the disinfection of the driver's cab were strengthened.


An officer of Youyi Port measures the temperature of a passenger. [Photo by Chen Guanyan/chinanews.com]

"Youyi Port has formed a joint defense, prevention, and control exchange with Vietnam, and strengthened the promotion of entry and exit of passengers and merchants," added Peng.

Bilingual slogans, as well as audio and video promotional materials have also been produced to be distributed at border ports, villages, and other areas.

As an important land port between China and Vietnam, Pingxiang has maintained close communication with several provinces in Vietnam to handle foreign affairs in a timely and efficient manner, especially to ensure the entry of emergency supplies and the return of Chinese citizens stranded abroad.

Pingxiang has helped a total of 276 Chinese citizens enter through customs at Youyi Port, and assisted the entry of multiple batches of epidemic prevention supplies.

As of Feb 12, Chongzuo is the only prefecture-level city in Guangxi with zero confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus pneumonia.

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